Meet the contributors

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NicoleNicole Hannel
Nicole is a writer, a singer, and a fiction-enthusiast who believes style is the right words in the right places. She’s passionate about stories in all mediums, but the written word has her heart. South-African born, American-naturalized, she’s never met a french fry she didn’t like, and she’s every bit a tea addict here as she was overseas. If you haven’t guessed, Nicole is a proud stickler for milk, sugar, and the Oxford comma.

Mark PotterMark Potter
Mark can talk and he loves to use very descriptive and sometimes far reaching analogies to make his points. In fact, he was told once that talking to him would be the best remedy for someone with one day to live because it would last forever. So, it is probably best that he uses the written word.


Michael Pallerino
Admitting to be a prisoner to the sacred art of storytelling, Michael has spent his professional days crafting the right combination of words and phrases to help master the art form. His reckoning with the written word has taken him down all kinds of paths and roads, introducing him to an amazing array of people, places and viewpoints. The beauty of the journey to the perfect story, he believes, is that it never truly ends.

BrandonAlyssa Ruane
Bio coming soon.