What is The Tin Can Wire?

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The string snaked from the bedroom of one young girl through the hallway and under the door of the dark linen closet. Inside, her little brother whispered into an old soup can as if he was behind enemy lines and requesting back up. The message traveled via vibration back down the hallway and into a can of her own.

The Tin Can Wire operates much like the old soup can phones. We share stories between friends. You see, we have countless vehicles that tell us stories about the rich and famous but none that talk about the people dearest to us.

So, like a kid hollering into an old soup can hoping his buddy gets the message through the wire, we’re sending out interesting, uplifting pieces about the people we know just so you might find it interesting.

So why these stories?

These regular, everyday people have found ways to seek the extraordinary in their lives, turning their experiences into opportunities for growth, sharing, and inspiration. Their struggles, perseverance, insights, and creativity have impacted us so greatly that we dare not keep them to ourselves. They are people we’re proud to know, and we want you to know them too.

These stories are as much for their communities as they are for ours. It’s for them to share with customers, strangers, friends, and family. The Tin Can Wire dream is to be a vessel, channeling great content for others.

And in essence, this project is about giving back. Spreading the love. Sharing the inspiration. It’s a simple, authentic call into the can.

We hope these stories move you as much as they have moved us. We hope you share them, talk about them, and read them again.

We hope you enjoy hearing our message on the other side.